IAMP Media is a web software company that works with customers around the world to build, manage and host websites and software. A team of six, led by George Pearce, the company has a combined programming experience of more than twenty years and has worked with a range of businesses – from corporations through to local SMEs. IAMP Media strives to bring a friendly face to a notoriously unfriendly and complex industry – making it easy for businesses of any size to exist, find customers, and flourish on the internet.


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George Pearce
Managing Director

George was leading teams of up to twenty developers before he finished his A-Levels, and had worked with corporations from around the world before he was old enough to buy scissors from Ikea. He had an active interest in computers and programming from an early age, and founded IAMP Media to turn his passion into a successful business. With more than ten years of programming experience and almost as much time spent working directly with his own clients, George specialises in creating sophisticated and functional solutions to complex problems. A stubborn workaholic, it would be little short of a miracle if he actually left the office on time at the end of the day!


Daniel Davies
Senior UX Developer

Dan is based in Leeds – we try not to hold this against him. As our UX expert, he turns every website he touches into a joyful journey for the end user. With more than five years of experience, there isn’t a lot about HTML, CSS or JavaScript voodoo that he doesn’t know.

Tamsin Smith
Senior Designer

Tamsin is our resident Photoshop maestro & instruction manual extraordinaire. Her creative talents have shaped this and many other of our website designs (though she’ll never admit it), and her hard work and dedication ensure nothing ever leaves our offices that isn’t perfect.



Gareth Smith
Key Account Manager

With a degree in Physics and more than five years of programming experience (including modelling galaxies), Gareth is responsible for co-ordinating projects and ensuring the quality and security of our code. He is also a key part of the caffeine to code process as our self designated head of hot beverages, and aspires to learn to fly a helicopter.

Gemma Goodfellow
Office Manager

The littlest team member is also the most qualified – Gemma has a Masters degree in Physics. As our office manager, she keeps everyone organised and happy, whilst also ensuring the stapler is promptly returned to ‘its place’ after each use. With more than seven years experience in customer service and administration, nothing gets past Gemma – which may be why none of us can beat her at Mario Kart.



Gemma Hughes
Trainee Web Developer

Gemma is the newest member of the team – bringing us up to four full-time developers (and two Gemmas!). From her experience of programming in University, she has adapted quickly to working in production environments and the challenges of proper indentation. With an fondness for frogs and teddies, she has a cuddly green companion and (somehow) challenges Gareth on coffee consumption.


From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom – and meetings in coffee shops – IAMP Media has grown significantly through its first year. In April 2014, we moved into a shared space in the Cardiff Business Technology Centre, which we rapidly outgrew (within six months) and we now occupy our own unit!

We love to meet our clients, so feel free to ask a member of the team about booking a meeting with us (we have awesome coffee!).